Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Museum of Balls & Water

This past weekend, we took the boy to a local zoo. It's located within a large, city park, and it's free. It has a pretty standard assortment of "zoo animals," and over the years, it has evolved into quite a lovely facility. Saturday was rainy, and Sunday was nice, so the place was packed.

We were ready.

Sunscreen application, check.

He loves to get slathered in stuff, which might not bode well for his future, but it certainly makes our lives easier. He stands still and seems to rather enjoy it.

Hat and sunglasses, check.

Again, this is easy. He likes to wear hats, and he likes his sunglasses, at least for awhile.

We saw orangutans, including a baby. There were giraffes, ostriches, lions, tigers, pumas, bison, kudus, zebras, and more.

What we silly grown ups did not realize, however, is that the Como Zoo abounds in water and balls.

Look, Finn! Zebra!

Finn: WATER!!

Parents: Where?


Every. Single. Time.

Look Finn, Lions!

Finn: BALL!!



If he freaks out again when we go to the pool, I am going to be very disappointed.

Guess that membership to the Minnesota Zoo was a bit hasty.
Then again, that place is LOUSY with water...

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susan said...

He was talking to the animals you sillies--like Dr. Doolittle!!