Friday, February 27, 2009

The Circus Option

This is an increasingly adorable time in Babyland. But again, this adorability is timed so that the adults surrounding said baby do not begin to reconsider exercising the Circus Option. To compensate for the incessant whiny "I can't get it I can't do it donwanna donwanna" sounds perpetually coming out of his adorable little mouth, he gives us wide, gummy smiles and happy bouncing baby face. In exchange for mad "don't want my diaper changed" baby, we get shakey rattle boy. He coos, he gurgles, he calls to the cats, and his attention span is five minutes, after which, he is no longer adorable.

It's a little game: figure out what the baby wants, when the baby does not even know. A few nights ago, it was being in the bedroom, on the bed, playing the horsey game and patty-cake. That lasted for twenty minutes. For every "ohmygodwhatacutie" moment, there are three "sweetcrashingthormakeitstop" moments. And if I am extra tired, and it's toward the end of the day, or the end of one of Pete's three-gig weekends, it's hard to handle.

He has the hands thing down and is moving on to fingers. He's interested in exploring things not just with his mouth, but by turning them around and looking at them or plucking at parts of them with finger and thumb. The tags on his stuffed animals are especially interesting. So are his feet, toes, and the tails of cats. I guess he is interested in the ends of things.

He also made the connection between hand, object, and other object, meaning that he figured out that he could hit a drum with a mallet.

That was pretty cool.

Then he started whining.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean Santa will bring him a tiny drum set next Christmas?

kittywhumpus said...

Nah. He will have to learn on Daddy's drum set just like all other kids.