Monday, February 2, 2009

Say My Name

I don't understand why people want their baby's first word to be "mama" or "dada." I know who I am, and so does Finn. Word junkie though I am, it does not really matter to me whether or not he has a name for it. I would rather his first word be "baby" or "Finn."

At this point, it's moot. His vocalizations are mostly of the "lots of vowels" variety. His first word will probably be "Hi, "boob," "cup," "cat," or "book" because he hears those a lot. "Book" was the first word of one of Finn's future playmates, and it tickles me to no end, so when I am showing him things and telling him the names, "book" figures quite highly. Plus, we have hundreds of them lying about, so he might as well learn what they are right now.

Which reminds me, I have a backlog of book reviews building up.
I had better get cracking.

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susan said...

Just wait till he does say "mama" or "dada"--the heart does soar!!!! It is not logical but simply a gut reaction! Love to you all--grammasue