Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Close your eyes, and imagine 118 cats.

Now close your eyes and imagine a trailer house.

Next, put the two together.

This equals the spectacle that happened here just this week.

I am endlessly fascinated by animal hoarders and garbage people. Because I simply don't get it. It is behavior that is so beyond my sphere of experience that I have no comprehension and cannot look away. I need pictures at which can shake my head in wide-eyed wonder. The extra awesome thing about this particular scenario, aside from that this is the second time a Quantity of Cats has been removed from this family's "care," is that their trailer home was also jam packed with hundreds of dolls. That ups the creep factor exponentially. The only way it could be worse is if one or the both of them spent all their time dressed as clowns.

We have three cats, and every once in a while, they seem to swarm like monkeys. These people have thirty-nine times the number of cats we do, in a smaller space, plus hundreds of dolls (HUNDREDS OF DOLLS, all staring at you with dark, frozen, plastic eyes while cats snake in and around their arms and legs). Thirty-nine times the cats we have. Trailer home. Dolls. I can't.

I just can't.


zerocattle said...

I have pack rat family members, and it drives me nuts. Especially when they give me broken things as presents. It's like they are trying to infect me, lol.

mostcurious said...

You know, I managed to miss this story until my MIL told me about it last week.

I am with you. Cannot fathom.