Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day Time TV

I resent "Clifford the Big Red Dog" as a television show. See, I have the books from my childhood, and it's just too much change.

"Word Girl" was not what I was expecting, nor was she what she should be. I like the fact that she has a monkey in a diaper, but she really should go around correcting people's word usage, carrying a bag full of appropriate apostrophes, while she saves the world with words of no less than three syllables.

Then there is this guy in a red polo shirt singing to a bunch of kids about how he likes to start drawing with lines. Instead of feeling like he loves kids and really enjoys this gig, I got an overwhelming sense of despair that this is where his mediocre talent had led him. Sad.

This is why I have lots and lots of movies.

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mostcurious said...

Yeah, the music time on PBS with whoever is very, very creepy and rather depressing.