Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby Slings Warning

I just read an article regarding baby slings. It's cautionary, regarding the possibility if suffocation if used improperly and warns that some carriers put infants into positions that are incompatible with proper breathing. I have no problem with that. I am sure that this warning will cause all sorts of outcries from baby-wearers and "natural parents," but I don't see it as a lifestyle attack, though it will certainly be turned into one because that's far more interesting. One thing I have learned in this so-far-short parenting journey is that everyone has an opinion, and people like to fight/be self righteous.

But that's not what I am here about. I want to point out language use. The first page rumbles along quite objectively and with journalistic word choices for the most part. Then, on the second page, it shivers into obsequious mommy bits, ending with the paragraph:

"Speck recommends that babies in slings remain in an upright position, with the baby's tummy facing mommy's tummy."

It's not a direct quote, apparently, so why those words? It jarred me out of the article. First of all, plenty of fathers wear their babies. Secondly, what the hell? "Baby's tummy facing mommy's tummy?" Really? The reporter may as well have added the word "widdle" to the article.

kittywhumpus mumbles aside "Post-feminist world, my ass."

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