Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In the absence of real content...

Look at this! It was taken by one of Finn's grandparents (not sure which), and I can't STAND it.

I made that. I mean, I had help and all, but it's pretty cool. Most of the stuff I make tends to fall far short of the picture I have in my mind. This is not one of those times.


Anonymous said...

If this kid learns to play the piano before me, I'm gonna be very "put out!"
One of Finn's other grandparents

Anonymous said...

oh reaaalllly!!...how "silent all these years" of him

he's look'n a wee bit frightened...just like when linda lovelace hadda make that movie

what's next?...wither'n about with a cone shaped bra on...or perhaps hopp'n thru a hamster wheel in some amusement park wear'n nothing but tight black pleather pants...
wedgies and a blonde boufant?

hmmm....call me...i got an idea fer a totally inappropriately appropriate photo shoot :)


susan said...

Too cute---he is a talented boy--just like his parents! G.