Monday, March 22, 2010

Chores Ate My Weekend

I hosed out poopy diapers. I planned the menu and went to the co-op. I cooked four meals. I did laundry, including the part where you fold it and put it away. I swept and scrubbed the kitchen floor. I scoured the stove. I did dishes. I did dishes. I did dishes. I picked it up and put it away, whatever it was. I took out the compost. I took out the compost. I wiped the counters and scrubbed the sink.

I knitted a little and went to a play, but otherwise, it was housewifey drudgery all the way. Pete took the boy to the park. I scrubbed the stove with a toothbrush.

And it's still not done. I didn't get to the catboxes; I didn't vaccuum or sweep the livingroom. Our room needs a cleaning. Pete's attitude is "You'll never be done, so just sit down."

If I took that attitude, we'd be on the news.


Lisa said...

Cute post - house work is Perpetual by the time you work your way to one end of the house, you have to go back to the beginning -

Lisa said...
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