Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Memories of The Met

Most people will probably talk about how they gazed in awe at "Madame X" or  reenacted the "paprikash" scene from "When Harry Met Sally" in the Temple of Dendur. I remember racing through the Temple of Dendur, looking for a bathroom because I thought I was having bladder control issues. In reality, I had ruptured, and the odyssey to babywhumpus' premature birth had begun.

Even so, I loved our visit to The Met, and I'll go back again the next time we visit New York City because I didn't even come close to seeing everything I wanted to see. In the meantime, this puzzle (or poster, or map) is an excellent substitute (and a bargain).


Anonymous said...

head'n back again memorial weekend...the minne-apple is great...but nothing is like the BIG APPLE!!

booze...boys and back alley shopp'n at it's best!!


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