Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crazy Knitter Lady

I couldn't just stop. I was in the middle of a row, for goodness' sake. So there I was, standing on the corner of University and Fairview during rush hour, knitting.

I have not had much knitting time lately. I was putting together some headpieces for the Renaissance Festival, and knitting has been relegated to the bus. Thankfully, I have been on the bus every day this week. Getting our taxes done and working on this year's spreadsheet was eye-opening in that area. So far this year, in only two months, we have spent $196.50 on parking simply because we could not get it together to catch the bus from day care. That could total almost $1200 if we kept it up, and that's not acceptable.

I've been getting up and getting out, taking Finn to day care in time to catch the bus, where I then get to sit and knit. Right now, I am working on a Clapotis because everyone else has one, using yarn from my stash because I don't need to buy anything new (I spent $466 dollars on yarn last year, and I was supposed to spend zero).

When I get off the bus, in the middle of a row, you will find me, standing in a lobby or on a streetcorner, knitting.

Today, I also have to use paper clips as stitch markers because I left my notions tin at home.


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