Saturday, April 3, 2010

All we wanted was a bike helmet

The genderizing of kids' crap is simply out of control. Seriously. It's a bike helmet, meant to protect our baby's tender skull from smashing on the pavement, and you can get it in either pink with creepy mermaids or orange with action construction happenings. No? Well, there's giant pink flowers for the girls or, get this, a cops and robbers motif for the boyz. How will I EVER CHOOSE?! They are all so tasteful. We wound up finding a straight-up silver one; it shouldn't cause too much strife and confusion. Or blind any passers-by.

Here's an article I don't have time to read right now.

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Anonymous said...

i think what would really balance out Finn's brand spank'n new non gender specific silver brain buffer...a hot glue gun and some jewels...he'd be like a disco ball on wheels...and very easy fer motorists to spot on those sun shiny days