Friday, April 23, 2010

Sleep? On Vacation?

But there's so much to do...

So I apparently just don't sleep through the night anymore. It's something I have in common with my baby, who probably slept through the night for once.

Last night, I didn't have insomnia, but I woke up a lot. I didn't wake up confused; I knew where I was, but I woke up. At 6:00, I figured I could probably get up, and here I am. It's 8:00 in Saint Paul, so I still got more sleep than I would have at home. I'm listening to the traffic stream by on the 101, as it does all night. dorkchic is asleep, as she should be, as any sane person with a day off should be.

Everything went fine with the travel. Safe, bags intact, sanity intact. We brought my stuff back to her place, and caught up. I had an Orange Blossom Cream Ale, which daddywhumpus may remember as the beer we girls were all about six years ago, when we met. I haven't seen them for the past few years in the Twin Cities, but now that I know it's still out there, I am resolved to search more thoroughly this spring. It was a lovely departure from my traditional Guinness, and it reminded me of sitting on my porch, in my gardening overalls, having an early afternoon beer with Pete in early May. We will have to indulge in this again, this year. We'll just have to put a gate on the porch entrance because babywhumpus finds joy in running into the street. He must like the stern talking to he gets as we try to explain the importance of personal safety and traffic observation. Because he's gotten that talk numerous times.

I woke up thinking about what my boys are up to. If it's a normal morning, then hopefully Pete is either at work or on the bus on the way to work and babywhumpus is having second breakfast or playing his little heart out at daycare.

We talked on Skype yesterday afternoon, which was nice. dorkchic got to hear Finn's sweet little voice and see him in action. He says his name now, when you ask him what it is. It's adorable, and we have to get it on video. I asked him last night, and he complied. Technology has given us some wonderful things, and the ability to see and hear my boys when I am away is definitely one of them.

After the cream ale (see how I did that? I went off on a tangent, but I brought it back), we went to the Fluevog store. There were some boots I wanted to meet in person, which I did. I found out that they were not as lovely in person as they were online, which is often the case. It was not the case with daddywhumpus, but these boots did not get to come home with me. It's for the best.

The orange ones deserved it more.

The other two are in line, in order. They will be watched in case of sale or clearance.

The middle pair may not have to wait that long.

We also hit up dorkchic's place of work, which is a coffee joint, among other things, at which she often talks to celebrities. I am a geek, so I love that sort of thing, and of course, I want to see at least one of them. One time when I was here, George Clooney checked out my ass.

That was a good day.


Anonymous said...

ok first off...ORANGE ya gonna see if they're in Krystal's size at the very least...purdy pleez :)

and 2ndly...George Clooney checked out yer A double snakes!!!!
and i thought i was on to somethin' when i realized i was being "checked out" by Ethan Hawke on the streets of new york in 2000
(though i'll much as i don't want to) i'm pretty sure it's merely becuz i was wear'n over sized joan collins sun glasses and curiosity was kill'n him and not becuz of my A double snakes (or irish snake fer that matter)


kateohkatie said...

So jealous of your vacation.

Which boots were you disappointed in? Hopefully not my beloved Chinoas...