Saturday, April 3, 2010

Really, LEGO?

Sorry. Really, LEGO™?

I just read this article, and I am a bit disgusted. LEGO™ is using some of the proceeds from its 2.1 billion dollars in revenue to sue a Minneapolis nonprofit for trademark infringement. This Minneapolis nonprofit is called "Project Legos Inc." So you can see where I am going with this. LEGO™ is claiming trademark infringement, "cybersquatting," and deceptive trade practices.

According to the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, "the suit... claims that the local group set up to help at-risk youths purposely used the name 'to trade off the significant goodwill symbolized by and the strong public recognition of the Lego marks.'"

Clearly, LEGO™ has a "goodwill surplus" and is trying to get rid of some through lawyer fees and beating up on the little guy.

But seriously, folks, LEGO™ is just looking out for the consumer, who might be "confused, deceived, and misled" by this devious nonprofit, trying to make us think that LEGO™ has authorized aid to disempowered youth. I certainly would not want to be associated with "Leadership, Empowerment, Growth, Opportunity, and Sustainability," and I know that if I ran across "Project LEGOS" completely unaware, and then found out it was NOT all about colorful little interlocking bricks from a far off country full of socialists, I would wind up adrift in a sea of befuddlement, questioning my very existence. Project Legos is engaging in unfair competition with LEGO™ and "has caused and will continue to cause irreparable harm" to the company. And that's that.

You could argue that this nonprofit IS actually.... no, I don't feel like playing both sides right now.

I love me some LEGO™s, but I may think twice before buying any new ones.

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