Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Freakin' 2009

January 5, 2009

And I could so freak out right now. I had a moment this morning when I thought, "I really should start freaking out."

What's up? Well, for one thing, it's my plan to go back to work part time in February, and the implications of that are many. First of all, that means I go back to work full time. It's a bit scary. Leaving The Boy, reinserting myself into the machine, trying to remember everything I have forgotten, leaving The Boy. Leaving The Boy.

I'll ease back into it, starting with a few half days. The nice thing is that my dad will be providing the child care, so I am not leaving The Boy with strangers... yet...

And that's another thing: finding (and paying for) day care starting in June. I have put Pete on this as he is out in the world and working with educators and parents, so he gets recommendations. But aside from a few links I put together before my nonexistent third trimester, I have no idea where to begin. I am partially in denial about all of it. My baby is seven months old, I have to go back to work full time in only five months, and he will be a year old.

Time, it does fly.

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