Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's no fun being the mom

Grandparents can swoop in for days to take care of the boy, and they have a great time. Even Pete gets to look forward to taking care of the boy. I am too tired to look at it as fun. I am too tired to enjoy it; too tired to be any fun for him. It gets to be fun when you have nothing else to do. It gets to be fun when you have slept more than two hours at a time. I think that The Tired has stripped me down to my basic personality: morose, scoffing, bitchy, impatient, and unable to think of another adjective.

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mostcurious said...

I don't think that's your base personality. I think The Tired makes everyone morose, bitchy and ... whatever other adjectives you called it.

PS. Your future self post is right on, and part of the reason The Tired will get fuzzy is because The Tired makes you not remember things right.