Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleep. Yet Again.

I tried to put Finn into the crib when he was drowsy and not quite totally asleep, like the book says. He got on all fours, sat up, and stood up. He then proceeded to be cuter than I have ever seen him. He then proceeded to get upset. I sat on the floor by the crib, like the book says, making shhhhhh sounds and saying "Time for night night," and he got more and more upset. By the time he was screaming, I picked him up (which I am not supposed to do), and handed him over to Pete (which I am also not supposed to do, it's supposed to be consistently one parent, if possible), and Finn just kept screaming.

I had some whiskey.

He finally went to sleep out of sheer screaming exhaustion, I can only imagine, and he slept until 1:11. Then he thrashed and whined more than he has recently.

I am not cut out for this, and I think that Pete may have to be in charge of bed time rituals.


susan said...

very interesting--I can just see you on the floor saying sh-sh! Finn looked so cute too when I was gramma-sitting-- he woke from his naps and stood in the crib not crying but doing one of his Finn sounds--then a great big grin when I appeared at the door which I have pictures of somewhere. Of course I was there in seconds when I heard him and I am sure he would have screamed if I did not reach out for him immediately.

Anonymous said...

There were several nights with my non-sleeper that Brian had to deal and I had to leave the house.

We did, eventually do a modified cry-it-out kind of thing, but not until she was almost 18 months, signing and proto-verbal. It did work though.