Sunday, July 19, 2009


I did not make it to those yarn stores I mentioned and that mostcurious asked about. I wound up getting wrapped up in the personality tests that the retreat participants were taking. I didn't take one, but my colleagues want me to. They say it will be easier to work as a team if they know what letters I am. I find that weird. And I don't particularly want some letters to change how someone decides to treat me. Already, one of them thought I was an extrovert, which is certainly not how I see myself. Putting on my work persona is tiring, and it's probably one reason I am often in a bad mood when I come home--aside from The Tired. It's a lot of work to pretend to care how someone's weekend was and remember to ask about their pets or kids and even say hello and announce my presence. It's not that I don't care, it's just exhausting to do because it does not feel natural to me. Especially right now. If I could just slink in, work, and slink out without bothering anyone, I would probably be just fine.

I guess that someday, I'll take the test, but I would rather not tell people.

And by now, all you MBTI people know which type I probably am.

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