Thursday, June 4, 2009


As I mentioned, yesterday was my three-year wedding anniversary. The official anniversary of the best thing that the internet ever produced. The third anniversary of an awesome party. The third anniversary of the ceremony that marked the positive answer to the best question I have ever been asked, by the best person I know. He's my best friend, my love, my partner, my daddywhumpus, mine mine mine. Thanks for the great life, and thanks for the baby!

How did we celebrate?

By taking the baby out for Dal Makhani.

He liked it.

We love Indian food. We have a favorite restaurant that is not far from our house. I also love to cook it when I have the time (it takes days), but we went out last night. Funnily, it was Baby Night at the India Palace. Not literally, but there were four other babies there.

Who'd a thunk?


susan said...

yea!! Happy anniversary and am so glad to hear you went out!! I figured I could buy you a nice dinner or something for the garden or house when I come out in july as a late present/celebration. I figured Finn would do daycare well as he is such a social being now --as seen by his visit here. Can't wait! love to all--grammasue

Anonymous said...

i'll dispense with the usual congragilatory rehtoric...cuz i have better things to complain about

but curious what a 3rd anniversary gift would be?

a small puppy?...a nite out at the quarter theater?

perhaps just sending a simple vote to :

why not!

oh...and YAE :)


mostcurious said...

Happy anniversary, if a little late!

Anonymous said...

We're all glad you said "yes"; had a really fun, emotional, musical and grand wedding; and made a BEAUTIFUL baby (and all the other stuff you did in the last 3 years too)!
C, J, J and PS

Pete McCauley said...

Love you, darlin'. Thanks for saying yes. xoxo