Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Day Care. Stressing the Family.

It's just going to be great.

After visiting one day care that reminded me of FEMA housing, another that seemed like Baby Jail (and that also had a really creepy prayer on the white board in the toddler room), getting on 16 month long waiting lists, making numerous phone calls (well, having Pete make numerous phone calls), conducting many web searches, we found a day care, paid for the first month, socked away the second month, and Finn has had three days there.

By the way, are you pregnant? Thinking about getting pregnant? Thinking about considering pregnancy? Get a day care, like now. I had no idea how hard it would be to find one and how many of them would have ridiculously long waiting lists.

First of all, I really did not want to give up cloth diapers. But very few day cares will consider cloth. The thought of putting him in disposables for nine hours a day was repellent to me; it's just not how we do things. I had to buy a pack of disposables once in the last couple of months because I left the diaper bag at home when we went up to visit my family. I could not get Seventh Generation because Target does not carry them, and the smallest amount of any disposable I could buy was 48. Sheesh. We used two, and now that package is in the car, on the advice of my brother. You know, just in case I forget the diaper bag again.

Well, this day care not only will use the cloth, but we went over for a pot luck and May Pole celebration on May Day. It was really cool. Families came and brought a dish to share (luckily, I had ingredients on hand to make Mac-n-Cheese, you know, with real food). We got to meet other parents and more of the kids, and it's a really positive community of individuals. A Family Day Care. For the Family.

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