Monday, June 22, 2009


Overall, the following picture is an accurate portrayal of how we feel about our day care:

On Friday afternoon, we attended a pot luck after work at M&M. They do these events periodically, like on May Day, and this one was in honor of the solstice. The kids did a performance, which was a song about M&M Day Care, including a verse about pretty boys and strong girls. Gotta love that. Then there was a pinata, which started with the youngest member of the establishment, Alejandro, who will be a year old at the beginning of August.

Finn took the baton and hit the pinata a few times (everything is a drum), then on to Benjamin, who did not want to give up the baton and had a little tantrum, staining the pavement with snot. It moved through the kids until the sun was finally broken, unleashing its contents of fake money, tootsie rolls, and toy frogs.

I had totally forgotten to put this on our calendar, so it was not until I was into my work day that I remembered. So we brought leftovers from the previous day, an entirely local and organic salad from our CSA containing radishes, kohlrabi, green garlic, and green onions. It was pretty good, if full of "weird stuff."

In the backyard

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