Monday, June 1, 2009

Day Care Part 2

People keep asking how I am, and I don't think they mean it in a "Fine" sort of way. They are wondering how I am, with my son starting day care.

I was told that I would cry. I thought that I might. But my time working while Dad watched Finn seems to have inoculated me somewhat because I feel good.

When we arrived at our chosen day care, Michael, one of the proprietors, was a little nervous that we would be just dropping Finn off, so I volunteered to hang out for a few hours, just in case there were any issues or questions. I put the boy in a high chair, and that was pretty much all I did aside from get his bottle ready. I tried to stay out of the way and observe. Finn had some raisins, watermelon pieces, and yummy oatmeal. I talked to the other children and a couple of parents and read my Ben Franklin book (Yes, I am still stuck in 18th century America). I chatted with Michael about substances I will allow them to slather all over my boy, and I still have to make a decision about that. The only things we have used on him so far are his baby shampoo, occasional sunscreen, and some Weleda diaper creme every once in awhile, all of which were carefully vetted by yours truly. He has not had any diaper rashes or any other skin troubles, so I have left it well enough alone. I'll figure out what they can use once I figure out what those items actually are. My simple rule is, if I would not use it on myself, I won't use it on him.

I guess I am not upset not only because I have been back at work for awhile, but because I think we made an excellent day care choice, and Finn is going to thrive there. I have no concerns about his happiness, and if he's happy, then I am happy. I am more sad that he is getting teeth than about him embarking on a new social experience that will be great for him.

Sad about him getting teeth? Yeah. Not to the point of pathetic tears or anything, it's just that I love this baby and this stage of baby-ness, and it's going so fast. The teeth are a reminder of that. I'll miss that toothless baby smile, so we have to enjoy it while we can.

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