Sunday, June 21, 2009


The baby is sleeping in his co-sleeper, in our room. Pete is in the kitchen; I am at the computer. It won't last, but it's nice. And super weird. He did this on Friday night, too, and Pete and I watched a couple of episodes of "Weeds" before my opening the window woke the monster. First time something like that has happened since we brought the boy home from the hospital.

Of course, I am so used to being near him when he sleeps, that I find it's hard for me not to check on him every six minutes. He was in the co-sleeper a few nights ago, inches from my nose, and I could not sleep because I could not see him breathing.


Just last night, I was thinking how nice it was that I have not had any boob problems for a very long time. Many months ago, probably in fall, I felt some pain coming on in Lefty (poor Lefty, still an underproducer), but I managed to turn it around with heat and fluids. The full-on mastitis that I had previous to that was so painful I could not hold the baby on my left side, which is where I hold him. It's really hard to hold him any other way.

Well guess what. It's happening again. And again, I am trying to flush it out with frequent nursing on that side, massage, fluids, pumping, and heat, once I go to bed. Heat. On the solstice. Not exactly what I want to add to the bed, especially considering that my remarkably sweaty baby will probably wind up in there with us, too.

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