Thursday, June 18, 2009

* 5/18/2010: Please note that this post was written during my Great Vaccination Fugue, from which I have recovered. Finn will be getting the CDC recommended vaccination schedule from now on.

He's sleeping in his carseat in the guest room. Both he and Pete had doctor's appointments. Finn had his first Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccination, and Pete was seeing a doctor about his incessant and worsening neck/shoulder/arm pain. It's Finn's first live virus, and Pete has some muscle relaxants and an order for physical therapy. We'll see how that goes and then move on to an MRI if things don't improve.

I had my favorite nurse today, the one who is supervising her granddaughter's vaccinations, and we worked out a schedule for Finn. He's getting them all, just one at a time, as I have mentioned. We're should be caught up and all set by 18 months, which is good. She says it's important to get them in under the age of two. He does not have to go back for a month, which is nice for both of us, though the clinic is not far away, and Finn does so well with the shots. He also gets to flirt with people in the waiting rooms, which he really likes.

MMR is one of the vaccinations that has the most controversy, I think, but I am not sure why. I suppose I could look it up, and maybe I will later, but I have things to do while the boy is sleeping. Possibly it's because it's a live virus, or maybe it has the most side effects associated with it. Basically, we have to watch, as he could develop a rash or fever in 7-14 days. Fever developes in one person out of six and a rash in one out of twenty. So far, Finn has had no reactions, but I like to be able to monitor these things.

Briefly, he has completed his HIB and is done with the first round of DTaP and Pc (Prevnar). He started his Hep B and will get #2 in late July, #3 in December. He will get his third polio in October. Hep A starting in November, and Varicella in December. He will also have to have DTaP at 15 months, so August or September.

Basically, they get a lot of shots.

Last night, Finn was nicely asleep on his belly (he rolls himself there now), and it took me forever to fall asleep. The boy was then thrashy and rolly and whiny from around 1:00 a.m. until Pete took him. I figured out that this is what he's been doing, from around 1:00 to 5:00. Thrashing, rolling, whimpering, nursing, thrashing, rolling, and whimpering. I'm used to being tired, but it's still exasperating sometimes. Now with Pete in so much pain, he can barely help, so it's going to be extra fun for awhile, for all of us.

I am starting to think that Finn might actually sleep better in his own bed, so we are going to set up the crib soon, but fit it into our room. Somehow. That means taking the co-sleeper down, which I mainly use as a bed rail and book/glasses storage. Still, it's a little sad, acknowledging that he's growing and changing.

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susan said...

He may be fussy from his shots? Pete always was! Hope you get better sleep soon! Maybe Pete will have to slow down on playing if it is affecting his arm and neck--just for a while anyway while he gets physical therapy. Oops--sorry Pete! Mom's worry even when the baby is grown! XXXOOOO