Friday, June 12, 2009

Billboard Song

Everyone grows up with different songs. And many people grow up with the same songs, containing slightly different words. These variations are usually regional and can become bones of contention, especially if the debating adults in question are drinking. (See: Duck, Duck Goose/Grey Duck; Little Rabbit/Bunny Foo Foo).

Anyone else grow up singing this song?

The Billboard Song
"As I was walking down the street one dark and dreary day,
I came upon a billboard, and much to my dismay,
The sign was torn and tattered from the rain the night before.
The wind and rain had done a shame and this is what I saw:

"Smooooooke, Coca-Cola Cigarettes
Drink Wrigley's Spearmint Beer
Ken-L-Ration Dog Food Makes Your eye's Complexion Clear
Simonize Your Baby With A Hersey's Candy Bar
And Texaco's the Beauty Cream That's Used By All The Stars

"Soooooo Take You Next Vacation In A Brand New Fridgidaire
Learn To Play Piano In Your Grandma's Underwear
Doctors Say That Babies Should Smoke 'til They're Three
And People Over Sixty-five Should Bathe In Lipton Tea...

With a Flow Through tea Bag..."

From my cursory search of the interwebs, it seems like it was a camp/scout song. I wonder if kids still sing it, as it's a little out of date in a few places. First of all, many billboards now-a-days are not pasted up like wallpaper but are pre-printed jobs that go over the whole structure. Or they are annoying, flashing, accident/seizure-inducing electronic nightmares. Secondly, we don't see too many cigarette billboards anymore. Anyone Simonized lately? Also, the array products mentioned just don't seem like billboard fare. Gas stations, refrigerators, tea. Mostly, I see public service ads about mental health or those hideous (sorry) Pro Life Across America signs. Or notices for upcoming wedding/flower/RV/car shows at the convention center. At least in my neighborhood. I guess we are all sad about our looming reproductive decisions and should go to conspicuous consumption shows to make ourselves feel better.

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