Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Photos

It was my intention to make Finn a skeleton costume for Halloween and be done with it. I bought a long-sleeved black undershirt and black leggings, cut out some bones, and cheated by using hot glue.

It was pretty good.

Bone Baby takes a nap.

Being Evil can sometimes be frustrating.

REALLY frustrating.

Sometimes only mildly evil...

Anyway, I was in the fabric store because I did not need anything but I had an insidious 50% off coupon that demanded I go there and find something I did not know I needed but certainly could not live without (sewing basket), and I found this costume pattern. Devil. Sold.

Bone Baby still loves "Put Me in the Zoo."

Next Halloween, I think I want to go out, the whole family, and be John, Abigail, and John Quincy Adams.

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Anonymous said...

awwwww....ain't he just a kick in the pants as lil lucifer and a bag of bones :)