Friday, November 20, 2009


Um, that would be no. No thanks.

It's not that I am overly fond of the word "penis." It's not a very nice sounding word, whatever good work they may do in the world. The actual combination of letters and how they, pardon me, feel in my mouth, is not very, er... pleasurable. Nonetheless, that's the word. It's not "wiener" or "weewee" or *shudder* "speckie."

babywhumpus has begun to take an interest in skin. He loves to poke my belly or grab on to those lovely mounds of fat on my lower back. He likes to look at and pinch his naked belly. Occasionally, he will grab his penis, but mostly, he just looks down at it. Like he's concerned. Then he looks at me and back at it. This morning, I said, "Yes, that's yours." He looked at it. Back at me. Made a few tentative grabs, then put his hands back up again.

We put on his diaper.

This could have gone on all morning.

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