Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The Mass Pike was a parking lot, the baby was screaming, and I was starting to think “swine flu?” We got off the turn pike and found a CVS. Baby needed Out Of The Car, and I needed Tylenol and a thermometer.

Finn and I have had some form of sickness since September. We have the same immune system, and whatever he gets, he passes to me. I could tell that I had a new one the day before we left. The cough changed, a sore throat appeared, and then the headache. A bad one. I had that Murphy’s Law feeling. Last time I tried to travel, a cat died. What would happen now? Why not the latest hysteria? It’s all the rage after all. H1N1 would make a good answer when the co-workers asked “How was your holiday.”

Alas, I won’t get to be that interesting, it’s just another cold.

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