Thursday, November 26, 2009

Travel Diapers

Did you know that nothing is open on Thanksgiving in the Northampton area?

I didn’t.

I had a brilliant plan. And like most brilliant plans, it went awry.

When we were gearing up for Vancouver, I had to give of the ghost of international, hotel cloth diapering. I was going to have to pack way too much crap, and I was also going to be on my own a lot. For all our car trips, we managed just fine with cloth, but this was going to be another story. I checked ahead and located a local chain of stores that carried Seventh Generation diapers, and I decided I would just walk over there and get some of those and suck it up for the week.

I was operating on the same premise for this trip. Then I hit on the G-diaper idea. I had not tried them out yet, and I thought it might be a nice middle ground. I picked up a pack and four covers. They work pretty well, though I am not entirely sure about which parts can be flushed. I brought enough for the first day and figured I would hit the co-op Wednesday evening or, heaven forbid, Whole Foods, and get some more for the week.

Then it totally slipped my mind. This latest cold, heavy exhaustion, and the lengthy trip from Logan Airport to Easthampton completely obliterated all memory of the Absolute Need for Diapers. When GrammaSue said that she had quinoa and organic apples and bluberries and other foods for Finn, we figured we did not have to drag our tired asses out of the house for a shopping trip. It could wait until Friday.

It was not until it was too late that I remembered that we needed diapers.

Did you know that nothing is open on Thanksgiving in the Northampton area except a CVS and convenience stores?

I am stuck with f$*@ing Pampers now.


Nice plan, Ace.

Plans are all well and good until the dumbassery takes over.

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