Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thrashy McKickerboots

Finn was doing pretty well with the whole sleep thing there for awhile. We had a couple of 8-4:30’s and 8-5:30’s, and the other nights were only disrupted once or twice. Then two weeks ago, I could not get him into the crib without him screaming. Pete couldn’t either. He wanted out out out. He’d sleep pretty well on the bed, but that was it.

Last night bit. It bit hard. It was one of those nights where I looked at the clock and thought “Crap. It’s only 3:30.” Captain Kinesis would not sleep without thrashing and fussing and rolling about. Headbutts and feet in the face. Neither of us could calm him. Pete got up at 4:30 and changed his diaper and shoveled some yogurt into him, then brought him back up for some boob and more thrashing. By the time we got up, we were exhausted. Finn’s switch was flipped to “on.” There’s no in between. He’s pretty good at sleeping through his own thrashing and fussing, so he was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

I hate that.


Happy Thanksgiving.

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