Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reminder to me

Check on Finn's vaccination schedule.
I think he's due for a couple.

The frequency of the childhood shots lessens, and they space out differently over time. My favorite shot-nurse made up a schedule for me for my one-at-a-time paranoia, so all I have to do is consult that.

He still has had neither seasonal nor H1N1 flu vaccine. Neither are available for him yet. All they have is the mist for the seasonal, and the supply is still not there for the general public in my health plan for the H1N1. Our day care thinks that it has already passed through, and at least one child has been given the diagnosis from a doctor, so it's possible.

Now, hopefully I filed it in my "vaccinations" folder...

* 5/18/2010: Please note that this post was written during my Great Vaccination Fugue, from which I have recovered. Finn will be getting the CDC recommended vaccination schedule from now on.

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