Wednesday, November 18, 2009

International Space Station

No, I am not planning on sending b.whumpus to the ISS if he does not start sleeping in his crib soon (apparently, sleeping next to me, on his nursing pillow on the couch while I watch Two Towers-Extended and knit a hat is better than his crib, and now that I see it written out that way, I guess I can't really blame him)... Anyway, yesterday afternoon, when I picked up Finn at day care, we all trundled outside to the street to watch the International Space Station go by. It made a low, bright arc across the sky, and we watched and thought about the people who are up there.

Michael took a picture of the group, and of course, Hammy McShowoff is looking at the camera.

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susan said...

Hammy McShowoff will feel right at home as Grammasue will have a camera in hand at ALL times! Can't wait to see you guys and I loved his halloween pctures--too cute!!!!