Sunday, November 29, 2009

Watching someone else’s irrational crap manifest is a good way to gain insight into your own irrational crap, as you don’t want to be as irrationally crappy as the irrationally crappy person you are observing. In these instances, “Do I act like that?” is a good question to ask. And remember.

For someone like me, who is often floating above herself, watching and criticizing and evaluating, it’s not a giant leap to take, but being able to hold the example in my head as a sort of barometer can make it easier to actually overcome the emotional impulses that insist that you are right and justified, while your analytical, logical side says, in a little voice, “Um, you’re being an asshole. And this is why.”

Humans don’t make sense, and it’s often because we are trying too hard to make sense of things. We usually don’t understand our own bullshit enough to be able to call ourselves on it, even when we are eminently capable of identifying the same bullshit in other people­¾and condemning it as ultimately ridiculous and wasteful.

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